Medical Service

When you need a Mobile Medical Team our international network arrives where needed with professional and personalized service
Our mobile Medical Staff bring the laboratory to your applicants, participants, and employees.

Clients entrust us to take care of their patients, participants, and employees in their homes, at one of our locations or at an event location.

Medical Examination

Preparing applicants for the Medical Examinations
We want to help make the application process easy and simple for applicants
Types of Mobile collections that we provide, usually in home, could include:

  • Mobile phlebotomy (in-home or event-based blood draws), and other fluid collection like urine and saliva
  • Biometrics measurements
  • Blood pressure and pulse
  • ECG standard & Stress
  • Global Workforce Health screenings

Applicants appreciate an examiner coming to their home or office to complete an exam while others may prefer to visit an exam centre instead.
With Rebsdorf Medical, your applicant can choose what works best for them.

We are the only medical company that offers your applicants the convenience of real-time appointment scheduling and examination options. They can choose to have their examination completed at their home or workplace, or at one of our exam centres.
In coordination with our Global Network of Medical Service we provide an extensive network of locations for your applicants.

Flexible specimen collections

Rebsdorf Medical´s robust mobile medical network can also meet a variety of complex needs for organizations conducting clinical or academic studies. Whether you need a turnkey solution or a customized workflow, we help you reach participants and patients across the Globe.

Simplify and Expedite Workforce Health Screenings

Rebsdorf Medical´s International Specimen and Health Data collection capabilities provide flexible solutions for employee Screening services to support your Company´s safety, efficiency, and workforce wellness.

International Hiring – Pre employment Health Screenings

We provide a full Health- & Security Screening before Employing


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